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Together, we are co-creating the future

ATB collaborates with diverse partners from across the globe that deliver the boldest ideas and technologies to drive our strategy and key areas of experimentation.

Through our open innovation partnership streams, we accelerate the development of ideas, products, and services from concept to commercialization. We ensure the creation of solutions align with solving the problems affecting the financial wellbeing of Albertans and people across the world.

Building solutions to advance our future requires alliances for speed and impact. Join our journey today.

Open innovation partner program

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Co-develop solutions.

We work with partners to ensure we enter the market with competitive and valuable offerings for our customers. With our partners, we research and test new ideas and collaboration models while also accelerating the development of products and services from prototype to commercialization.

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Whether you’re interested in a research collaboration, co-development opportunity, technology integration, or another form of partnership, ATB is open to working with like-minds looking to change the world.


Open ATB for developers
Open ATB for developers

Open ATB is a developer and data science platform leveraging data and insights in a trusted, secure way. Designed for fintechs, developers, and data scientists, Open ATB merges industry and public data in its API sandbox to democratize innovative product development in the financial industry and beyond.

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Open identity initiative for organizations
Open identity initiative for organizations

ATB mobilized the Open Identity Initiative, a consortium of multi-sector organizations exploring what owning one's sovereign self- identity could look like in the digital era. Join us in developing a range of digital identity use cases and pilots, and help drive user adoption.

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ATB X Accelerator for Entrepreneurs
ATB X Accelerator for Entrepreneurs

ATB X offers 2 programs to address the needs of various businesses in Alberta, from startups to solopreneurs to growth stage - ATB X is a customized, growth-focused program delivered by businesses, for businesses, through experts, connections, and community.

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