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Creating growth at the edges

Over the last several decades, digital technologies have changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Since the emergence of web, mobile, and cloud computing, the pace of progress has been accelerating - bringing more powerful technologies sooner than we could imagine.

The next big thing.

Technology has always been a part of our DNA. ATB’s Innovation Lab began in 2018 with a small group of engineers who knew that the convergence of data, artificial intelligence, and decentralized technology would revolutionize the way we live, work, and play. As in the case of all great technology, each has the power to do great good or harm; we’ve already seen how the ubiquity of the internet and mobile has created structural advantages for a powerful few.

Delivering the most trusted experiences.

The extent to which we are able to harness the power of these emerging technologies to create the best outcomes for our customers and society depends on the approach we take today. Grounded in ethics, we know that building products that people love and trust is the only way to deliver sustainable value. At the Lab, we use every day to pursue innovations that will benefit our customers, Alberta, and the World.

How we work

Our Approach.
Our People.

The Innovation Lab is grounded in two equally important but divergent disciplines - invention (R&D) and innovation (commercialization) - breakthrough innovation requires a set of cross cutting practices and processes, focusing on the approach and the people, to thrive.

Our Approach. <br/> <mark> Our People. </mark>

Invention and innovation.

Our job is to think about life in 2030. We invest time and resources into building products and partnerships that harness emerging trends in data and artificial intelligence.

When we see potential we push hard to commercialize and maximize the opportunity, from ideas to growth.

Even though we are macro optimists, we know there are many important problems to be solved close to home. We never forget that we’re here to keep ATB, Albertans, and Alberta businesses at the forefront of innovation.

Our Approach. <br/> <mark> Our People. </mark>

One team. A world of opportunity.

People are the driving force behind our success. ATB’s innovation team is small and extremely disciplined. Because we are lean, we’re able to move fast and act decisively. We take pride in excellence, always learning and striving to do our best to serve our customers.

At ATB Innovation, diversity is our competitive advantage. Building meaningful solutions requires passion, endurance, and creative thinking that comes from the range of expertise, work approaches, and life experiences that our team prides itself on.

Leading with data and research

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